Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can prove to be very discouraging, especially when you don’t know if it will ever end.  One of the biggest difficulties with treating chronic pain is determining its origin.  A nagging backache from a prior car accident, a surgical procedure, or an old sports injury can all become a chronic issue.

What is Chronic Pain

Typically,  pain is divided into 2 categories – chronic and acute. Acute pain usually has an identifiable cause and begins to subside on its own after a period of time.  Chronic pain is constant, long-term pain which lasts or recurs.  Chronic pain can often be traced back to an event, but can also occur as a result of continued stress on a particular part of the body.  H/S Therapy can help you accurately diagnose and treat the problem with physical therapy.

Advantages of Treating Chronic Pain with Physical Therapy

 There are several advantages to treating chronic pain with physical therapy.  First and foremost, physical therapy allows the body to utilize its own strengths to heal itself rather than covering the pain with medication.  Physical therapy works to strengthen the areas which are causing pain, bringing blood flow to the area being exercised.  Physical therapy also tends to produce natural endorphines which can also help with depression and mental difficulties which often accompany chronic pain.  Physical therapy can often help people avoid surgery or long-term pain medications.  In short, there is really no downside to physical therapy.  

Stop Living in Pain

Don’t live another day in pain.  Let H/S Therapy help you enjoy a pain-free life.

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