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Baseball has long been considered our nation’s pastime, and from age 5 through retirement, there are baseball and softball leagues throughout the country for everyone.  Amateur and professionals alike, however are susceptible to injuries which typically plague baseball and softball players.  The throwing motion, swinging a bat, or even a catcher crouching for extended periods of time all create situations where potential injury can occur.  This is where H/S Therapy’s sports-specific approach to your physical therapy can help you recover faster or in many cases help you avoid injury altogether.

Baseball Injuries

Shoulder and Arm Injuries

  • Rotator cuff issues are one of the more common injuries among pitchers, as the repetitive overhand throwing motion places increased strain on the rotator cuff.
  • Bursitis of the shoulder or elbow are other common injuries where the bursa become inflamed and fill with fluid.
  • “Little League Elbow” This condition occurs when the growth plate in the elbow becomes damaged due to overuse and improper throwing technique.  This is the main reason little league rules impose limits on pitch numbers for children.

Knee and Leg Issues

  • Ligament Issues  Many sports are susceptible to ligament issues in the knee since most sports involve running and quick changes of direction.  Baseball is no exception.  Running the bases, sliding, and chasing down a fly ball all add to the risk of ligament damage.
  • Tendinitis is another common condition which occurs in baseball and softball players.  Catchers who crouch for long periods of time often experience longer term chronic issues which can be helped with physical therapy.

Back Issues

  • The violent act of swinging a bat can take its toll on your back and spine.  Strengthening your core with specific exercises will help keep your back in shape while you’re playing. 
  • Muscle strains in softball players are quite common as the windmill action of an underhand pitch is easier on the shoulder, but harder on the back.  

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