Hockey Players

Field hockey, floor hockey, or ice hockey – they all have their share of ailments.  If you get hit with a ball or puck and lose a tooth, we probably can’t help you there, but for all the other issues you may face, H/S Physical Therapy can help!

Field and floor hockey will typically see similar injuries to soccer players, with a few other additions due to the use of the stick and the shoulder strain which occurs.  Add ice hockey to the mix, with checking and ice skates, and a new set of issues appears.  


Common Hockey Injuries

Contusions and Impact Injuries

  • When a muscle takes a direct hit, the resulting contusion causes pain.  Hockey players frequently see these in the quadriceps and less commonly, the calf or hamstring.  
  • Dislocated shoulders are most common in ice hockey where players are permitted to check their opponent into the wall.  If the arm is extended a dislocation can occur.  

Shoulder and Arm Injuries

  • Rotator cuff injuries are common among hockey players, largely due to the use of a hockey stick and the swinging motion it requires.
  • “Golfer’s Elbow” is not only a golf injury, but the similar motions in hockey make hockey players susceptible to it as well.  You can read more here.

Strains and Sprains

  • Hamstrings, calves, and groin strains are among the most frequent types of strains while playing hockey.  Caused by the overstretching of a muscle often due to overuse, these can tear if not treated properly.
  • Ankle sprains are another very common injury in all types of hockey.  Ice hockey players stand on very thin blades and are prone to roll the ankle, causing a sprain. For field and floor hockey players sprains occur in conjunction with quick changes in direction.  

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