TMJ Dysfunction

What is TMJ Dysfunction?

TMJ Dysfunction stands for “Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction”.  The temopromandibular joint is responsible for the jaw’s movements and, when not aligned correctly, can cause pain and difficulty opening the mouth or chewing.  While not all jaw pain can be attributed to TMJ dysfunction, once correctly diagnosed, physical therapy can often help relieve the pain associated with it.  

How H/S Therapy Treats TMJ Dysfunction

There are several causes for jaw pain, and not all of them point to TMJ dysfunction.  It is important to correctly diagnose TMJ dysfunction before we begin a course of treatment.  Some of the issues we’ll address in our initial consultation are the following:

  • Jaw Mobility
  • Neck Alignment
  • Muscle Tension around the Face and Head
  • Shoulder Girdle
  • Thoracic Spine 

Once H/S Therapy has determined the issues, we can then prescribe a comprehensive treatment to help you alleviate the condition. 

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with TMJ Dysfunction, please give us a call at (215)513-1816 and we can schedule an evaluation.


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