Pre/Post Surgery

Pre-Surgery Physical Therapy

One of the best courses of action you can take before undergoing a surgical procedure is to engage in a physical therapy program.  In addition to the physical benefits, such as increasing your strength, flexibility, and health prior to your surgery, the mental and psychological advantages, such as lower levels of stress, a positive mental framework, and a healthy pre-surgery routine often prove to be significant.

What is Pre-Surgery Rehab?

Surgery is typically the last resort in treating an injury or condition, simply because it is an invasive and traumatic process by nature.  Because of the toll it takes on you, more and more doctors are recommending a “pre-rehab” course of action to help increase the success of recovery.  Not only does it make sense, but studies have shown this to be true more often than not.  H/S Therapy can help walk you through a comprehensive pre-surgery therapy program which will help you recover faster.


Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

 After your surgery, you’ll want to recover as quickly as you can and return to your normal life. Fortunately, H/S Physical Therapy can help you do that! In conjunction with  pre-surgical therapy, developing a post-surgical plan can help you stay on track and manage your pain with minimal use of pain killing medication.  In addition, strengthening the traumatized area through physical therapy will help maintain flexibility, increase blood flow to the injured area, and aid in healing the body.  

Benefits of Pre/Post Surgical Therapy

  • Pre-Therapy Can Shorten Recovery Time
  • Pre-Therapy Can Help Reduce Pain
  • Pre-Therapy Can Reduce Complications
  • Pre-Therapy Can Increase Strength 
  • Post-Therapy Can Increase Recovery Speed
  • Post-Therapy Can Create Positive Habits
  • Post-Therapy Can Help Avoid Pain-Killers
  • Post-Therapy Can Reduce Pain from Surgery
  • Post-Therapy Can Improve Mental Outlook

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