Swimming and aquatic exercise is a wonderful way to keep healthy and fit.  Consistent resistance combined with the weight relieving conditions in the water allow for strenuous workout with less chance of injury.
Unfortunately, poor technique, overuse, and even improper breathing can all lead to injury.  The repetitive nature of each swimming stroke can lead to strained muscles or even tears.  If you become injured through swimming, call H/S Physical Therapy and we can create a sports-specific program for you to help make your recovery quick and as painless as possible.

Swimming Injuries

Neck and Back Pain

  • Neck pain is often caused by improper alignment of the head while swimming.  Adjusting the head to keep it in line with the body helps alleviate the issue.  
  • Back pain is often caused by improper timing of a stroke, placing unnecessary stress on the back.  

Shoulder and Arm Issues

  • Shoulder irritation and inflammation is a common ailment among swimmers.  Range of motion and strengthening exercises help to combat these types of injuries.
  • Rotator cuff issues and shoulder impingement often result from the hard rotation of the arm during a freestyle or backstroke motion.

Muscle Pulls

  • As in other sports, hamstring and groin pulls, as well as bicep tendinitis are always a threat while swimming.  Proper warm-up and adequate rest between training sessions helps to keep muscle pulls and tendinitis at bay. 

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