Manual Therapy

What is Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a process by which your physical therapist moves and mobilizes parts of your body passively.  In some cases, parts of the body need assistance moving, and physical therapy in the form of manual therapy can help with healing an injury.  This is common with a muscle which has atrophied due to immobilization, or a surgical procedure which makes active movement difficult.  Manual therapy is a safe and effective natural treatment in aiding the recovery process.  Improving range of motion and strength are some of the bigger benefits of manual therapy.   

What is Joint Mobilization Therapy?

Joint mobilization therapy is a specific form of manual therapy focused on the joints.  It is a process by which your physical therapist moves and mobilizes your joints passively.  Your joints are complex machines with lots of moving parts and connective tendons and ligaments.  Your body is made of multiple types of joints which serve different functions – hinge joints like your knee, ball and sockets such as your shoulder or hip, and even more complex compound joints which help parts like your wrists to move in much more unique ways.  Sometimes, a joint can become inflamed or irritated.  Often the muscles and tendons become tense and immobilize the joint.   Joint mobilization therapy is helpful to begin to release the joint and get it functioning correctly.

Can Joint Mobilization Help My Situation?

There are many cases where joint mobilization therapy can help reduce inflammation, increase mobility, and alleviate pain.  Ankle sprains, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, and even issues such as golfer’s or tennis elbow can all benefit from joint mobilization therapy.  While joint mobilization is not appropriate for every case, H/S Physical Therapy can evaluate your individual situation and recommend a course of action for you which may include joint mobilization therapy.  It is important to have your condition assessed medically before you begin any treatment, which is why we always evaluate you based on your unique issues before we begin any course of mobilization therapy.

If you’re experiencing  joint pain, decreased mobility in a joint, or have suffered an injury to one of your joints, please contact us here or call us at 215-513-1816. We’ll schedule an evaluation and help you move easier again.

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