Some of the more common injuries and how to avoid them

Common Football Injuries

Football presents unique potential for injuries due to the hard contact with both other players and the ground.  In addition, explosive movements and sharp turns add to the list. 

Many of the injuries we see in younger players are often caused by overworking without adequate recovery time.  When the body doesn’t have enough time to recover, the chance for injury increases.  Once an injury occurs it’s important to evaluate the situation quickly, since some injuries require immediate therapy, while others require other measures first.    We’ve listed a few of the more common injuries football players experience below.  If you’ve experienced any of these, H/S Physical Therapy can help.  Contact us here. 

Types of Football Injuries

  • Shoulder Injuries:  Ranging from soreness to broken bones, shoulders take a good bit of abuse while playing football.  Separations, dislocations, rotator cuff tears, and even broken clavicles or collar bones are some of the more typical shoulder injuries.
  • Neck Injuries:  Neck strains, compressed nerves, or even whiplash can occur in football as players often make hard contact with eachother, or get hit from the side.
    • Knee Injuries: ACL/PCL (Anterior/Posterior Cruciate Ligament) tears are a very common injury which can happen while making a sharp turn or when a knee sustains a direct hit.  These two ligaments help provide lateral stability to the knee.  These same activities also cause a meniscus tear.  This is a cartilage which acts as a shock absorber and helps to provide stability during turns and twists.  Keeping the muscles surrounding the knee joints strong and healthy allow the knee to remain stable during more intense movement.
    • Hip Injuries: Hip pointers, usually caused by a direct blow to the hip, and Iliotibial Band Syndrome, which is a condition which causes pain down the leg from the hip to the shin, are two of the more common hip injuries in football.

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