Titleist Performance Institute Certified

As a level 3 TPI medical professional, Dr. Ciuba’s role is to improve your mobility and/or stability, and ultimately improve your game. In addition, the TPI program focuses on injury prevention. Once injured, the golfer is unable to play.

The Initial Screen determines your weaknesses as a golfer which may lead to swing faults and injury. A thorough report of findings is provided. An exercise program will then be customized to address your physical limitations. Players can train at our facility or independently. Players can train independently at our facility or with Dr. Ciuba.

Team Up with a Pro

We have favorable relationships with many local golf professionals and can supply you with a referral if needed. We provide the pros with your report and work with them as a “team” to improve your performance. Form your own group if you wish or join one of ours. Taught in conjunction with a local golf professional, the benefits are ease of learning at a comfortable pace and the small group sizes are optimal for instruction. Clinics are appropriate for beginners or advanced golfers and you will learn the TPI exercises used by tour players to enhance your game while addressing fundamental swing concepts.

Common Golf Injuries

Back Pain

Back pain in golfer is one of the more common concerns.  Swinging a club can create tension in the lower back as well as poor posture when addressing the ball.  Proper posture and training the body to relax while swinging will help alleviate these issues.

Shoulders, Arms, and Wrists

  • “Golfer’s Elbow” is one of the most common injuries which occurs while playing golf.  It is a form of tendinitis which is typically felt on the inside of the elbow.  It is usually caused by forceful contraction of the muscles around the elbow.  Tight grip and the motion of swinging the club can create the conditions which lead to golfer’s elbow. 
  • “Tennis Elbow” is another condition commonly suffered by golfers.  While golfer’s elbow affects the inside portion of the elbow, tennis elbow affects the bonier outside portion.  Both conditions need rest and therapy to correct. 

Muscle Pulls

  • While not as common as in other sports, muscle pulls from overswinging can happen in golf.  Proper swing mechanics and proper warm-up exercises can help to avoid muscle pulls. 

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