Kinesio Taping

What does Kinesio Taping do?

Kinesio taping is a process by which strips of tape are applied to areas of the body and the tape lifts the skin in small areas, and helps provide support as well as helping to avoid fluid buildup.  If you’ve ever watched a bicycle race you’ve probably seen kinesio tape in use.  The concept behind the tape is that it provides the support of traditional tape without limiting movement.  The slight lift in the tissue gives space to the underlying tissue, allowing fluid movement, and decreasing the chance for irritation.


 What is Kinesio Taping Used For?

H/S Physical Therapy uses kinesio taping for several types of conditions.  Kinesio taping can often be part of a larger course of treatment for injured parts of the body.  In tandem with other types of therapy, such as joint manipulation or other types of manual therapy, kinesio taping can be very effective in the alleviation of swelling and pain.  Weak areas of the body can also benefit from kinesio taping as it adds a layer of support to the weakened area.  Tendinitis and other conditions such as these can be helped by kinesio taping.  In addition, posture corrections and retraining muscles are a good fit for kinesio taping.  In addition, many athletes use kinesio taping as a form of performance optimization. 

While kinesio taping is not typically a single source of treatment, there is much benefit when added to an existing treatment regimen.  

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