Concussion Therapy


A concussion is a type of brain injury where, due to a blow to the head or severe jarring, the brain moves inside the skull and makes contact inside.  Concussions range in severity depending on the extent of the injury.  Typically, concussions are considered “mild” brain injuries, but if not treated correctly, they can lead to long term issues.  As well, the symptoms of a concussion are not always as readily visible as other types of injuries, and as such are often overlooked.  It is best to seek medical treatment after any head related trauma, regardless of the immediate symptoms.  This will help ensure that you receive the right treatment and minimize any longer term issues which could arise. 

Concussion Therapy 

Most likely, your physician will prescribe rest and refraining from anything which stimulates the mind.  Activities like television, video games, intense conversations, and even cell phone use are best avoided during the immediate time following a concussion.  It is important to seek treatment immediately after a trauma occurs. Physical Therapy evaluation and treatment can help to improve a patient’s overall condition and educate them on proper exercises. Usually, after several days, the symptoms will lessen, and concussion therapy will help prevent longer-term issues and get you back to a normal life more quickly.  

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Concussion Therapy

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